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Love Over Fear Gratitude Journal

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Practicing gratitude shifts the lens we see the world through from fear to love. Writing down what you’re grateful for zooms you in to all of the good that’s happening in your life. When you focus on the good, all the good grows as you continue to attract what’s most aligned for you. We believe there’s two types of gratitude: one is the above—being grateful for all we already have. The second is the larger kind we feel for what we give. So the second question of each day: “How can I spread love over fear?” was included to help you see all the ways you can spread your light to help others because that’s when the magic happens—when we share to help others shine too!


-White vegan leather cover embossed in Kate’s handwriting.

-Quotes to start each day to inspire you!

-It’s recommended to do the front page in the morning and the back page in the evening, but of course do what feels best for you!